When I was a boy, I dreamed that one day I would be a working actor on the Broadway stage. . .well, that never happened and now I’m 68 years old, retired after a lifetime of doing pretty much as I damn well pleased and still have the same dream. . . some itches just can’t be scratched enough. . .

This is some of what I remember along the way and the way I remember it. . . no one can ever convince me that one word of it is not the absolute truth. . . my absolute truth. . . make of it what you will and I hope you enjoy it. . . I think I did. . . at least those are the parts I’m going to tell you about. . .

Sal Bovoso. . . Yucca Valley, CA. . . 2012


9 thoughts on “

  1. Nancy Lou Capizzi says:

    Ok, I only have this one page read so far. That younger photo of you? I really think you look like FOX News’ Sean Hannerty. Just saying.

  2. Marty Neider says:

    OMG! Sal! At last, you are putting it all down. What a treasure! I can’t wait to read further. Come on…come on….when is the next installment? Love, Marty

  3. Carole Ione says:

    Terrific! I love it. What a story- also you can help me recall some details that are receding. So very cool -Io

  4. Peggy Stimbert says:

    This is awesome! I look forward to every word! Thank you, Sal! Love, Peggy

  5. Ann Holt says:

    I love it when I rediscover you again! I was just in California. Next time we have to get together no matter what. In the meantime, I can’t wait to start reading your blog!!!!!

  6. sal bovoso says:

    Ann! what a treat. . . how did you stumble across me this time? and how wonderful to have found each other again. . . I love your page and how involved you still are in the theatre. . . and just the tiniest bit jealous. . .

  7. Ann Holt says:

    Oh, I miss you every once in a while and do a search on your name. I’m busy in theatre but don’t really have a ‘tribe’. I take it too seriously for most community theatre folks. We should do a play together – a reading. I’ll come visit my daughter. Bakersfield’s not THAT far from you.

  8. Melba LaRose says:

    Sal: This is great stuff. I hope you’ll keep at it. I identify so much, especially with getting on the bus with very little $ in the pocket and rushing to see Broadway shows. You should check out my facebook page. There are some people from back in the day — those who survived — posting quite a lot. I’m sure they’d like to follow your blog. Meanwhile, I will let some people know about it. XXOO Melba

  9. sal bovoso says:

    Thanks, Melba. . . I’ll be getting to you, too! Check out Melba’s Company, folks. http://www.nyartists.org/

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